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Good Morning Erica: You got that right. I have been in ER at UCSD since 3pm yesterday. No vacant rooms in hospital, so I spent all night in emergency. Drs are not sure it is a stroke…….they gave me a CT scan last night. Just met with Neurologist and CT scan showed thatno stroke symptoms. My feeling were that an MRI shold have been ordered 1st and that why I posted. They have now otdered an MRI with contrast plus an Echocardigram and it looks like I might get a room shortly. Thanks for any feedback. I wouls love any info on other possible causes of my symptons. I thought I has food poisioning.

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For lacunar strokes of Thalmus, MRI is better at seeing small strokes but it is normal for them to scan with CT first. Sometimes CT shows nothing and MRI sees it clearly. See URL. Hope you are doing well.

I had a right-sided thalamic stroke; my right arm and leg were like cement, but speech was fairly decent. ED doctors ordered a CT but it did not show the stroke and then sent me next for an MRI which did show it. When I asked why it wasn't on CT, it was explained to me that sometimes it does not show up until about a week after with a CT and sow MRI is more reliable.

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