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Hi Martin! In your reply to @dsisko, you stated "you preferred to stay on Coumadin because it has a common antidote whereas Eliquis does NOT." I have come to trust your experience and knowledge which is why your statement really took me by surprise!
There IS an antidote for both Xarelto and Eliquis called ANDEXXA and also one for Pradaxa called PRAXBIND. These antidotes are now as readily available as is Vitamin K, the antidote for Coumadin. When I had my ablation and the choice of anticoagulants was discussed, Coumadin was definitely at the bottom of my list. I did not want to have to go in every month for a coagulation test, a possible change in the dosage of my medication nor did I want to have to be extra careful of my diet……watching closely that I did not consume foods that contained high levels of Vitamin K. Being a vegetarian, this would have moved a great many fruits and vegetables to my "DO NOT EAT" list. Since you have been on Coumadin for a long time, you are aware of what needs to be avoided or eaten only in small and infrequent quantities, but if anyone is reading this who is unaware of the restrictions associated with Coumadin, I will list a few fruits and veggies that are high in Vitamin K. (I didn't look up any meats, but I believe most cuts of meat are quite low in Vitamin K)
Dark leafy greens (especially kale, Swiss chard and Endive) broccoli, squash, peppers, tomatoes, eggplant, carrots, onions, cauliflower, string beans, peas, soybeans, kidney beans, raspberries, strawberries, cantaloupe, plums, grapes, papaya and rhubarb. This is NOT the complete list of high Vitamin K foods and there are also a number of common spices, like sage and oregano, which are high in K.
While there are pros and cons for ALL anticoagulants, I chose one that would have the least impact on my daily life, not require monthly testing AND has an antidote. (It also had no side effects for me) My coagulation rate is checked at my regular 6 month cardio check ups and during the two years I've been on Xarelto, the results have been excellent.
I believe all the anticoagulant choices are good and safe and it comes down to personal preference. And you can always change if your choice is not working well for you.

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Hi, @rubywatch67. Two quick points in response before I run off and pick up our dinner at a drive-in and bring it home. First, I am familiar with Andexxa and Praxbind, but both of them encountered problems that delayed their release by the FDA for some time. If they are now fully approved and recommended by the FDA, that's good for everybody else to know. Second, I don't find Andexxa to be readily available. Last November, for example, I was in two hospitals in connection with a hypertension emergency, and as is my custom, I asked about the availability of Vitamin K and Andexxa. The Andexxa was not in the ready supply of either hospital. The Vitamin K solution was available in both. I am especially careful about this since my friend died of a hemorrhagic stroke four years ago because the hospital to which the ambulance took him following an accident had no Vitamin K on hand. I don't find it difficult to deal with foods (mostly vegetables) that provide Vitamin K in various amounts, because I have several years experience in consuming vegetables in fixed amounts and of regular types. Using a common diet, I achieve successful anticoagulation by minor modification of the doses of Vitamin K that I take. Your suggestion that patients needing anticoagulation medications are doomed to extreme complications if they choose Coumadin is overwrought. It is good, though, that they may find comfort in learning from you what questions they should ask when deciding on a medication. Martin

Thanks. I am on Eliquis for more than two years but did not know about Andexxa. Hopefully, it is available now.

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