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A couple of concerns. One is that I heard that in some covid cases, the body throws off large amounts of blood clots. I’m assuming that the Eliquis would be helpful if I got covid and clots. Another is that I am on a very low dose of tamoxifen which has a small risk of clots. Am concerned that going off the Eliquis could have a negative impact from the tamoxifen.

I had not taken any medications except short term until I started with Eliquis and losartan. I was adamantly against going on them at the time because of having generally good health and now that I was convinced to take them, I am concerned about going off of them. I feel a little crazy about the whole thing.

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@dsisko. I'm on Losartan too for my hypertension. The covid/blood clot connection is another reason my children don't want me to go off blood thinner at this time. My son in law still has a small amount of Eliquis at home and is keeping them for this reason even though he's totally off this medication now.

I was diagnosed with AFIB and immediately put on Xarelto. Guess I'm one of the lucky ones as I had no side effects.......at least none that I was aware of. When medication did not stop the AFIB, I had an ablation a little over 2 years ago. Since then, I have had two very minor "breakthroughs" which only lasted a very short time. I also wore a ZIO patch twice and both times, two "silent" episodes of AFIB were recorded. I've been told by my cardiologist that "sometime" in the future, I MAY need another ablation. I'm not thrilled with that, but understand it's very common to require more than one. Because AFIB is NOT curable, I am choosing to remain on the Xarelto for the protection it provides. I worry enough about the AFIB, I'm not going to add the fear of having a stroke on top of that. It is a very personal decision between you and your cardiologist. I wish ALL of us luck because "living" with AFIB is a nightmare.