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Hi @dsisko, I think it's great that you have been tracking your blood pressure and your pulse rate to keep an eye on any symptoms that may occur and what a relieving feeling to not have had afib since your ablation. I think raising the question of whether or not you should stop taking Eliquis is helping to advocate for yourself.
I'd like to invite @katydid77, @predictable, @elegantgem, @mayofeb2020, @cece55, @jimtazzis, and @rois4richo to the conversation.

@dsisko, do you have any trepidations or concerns with discontinuing the medicine with your physicians help?

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@dsisko @amandaburnett. I do not have afib, but I had a TIA in January so my cardiologist put me on Xeralto. I also had a loop recorder put in to monitor my HR. I asked to ba taken off Xeralto since so far there's no sign of afib, but he doesn't think it's a good idea. My children don't want me to be off this either, what if I have another TIA again, or worse, a stroke. My doctor did reduced the dosage from 20 mg daily to 15 mg.
My son in law, however, had afib. He had ablations done. A couple of years ago, my daughter found a doctor in Texas and when he examined my son in law, he found that there was a genetic factor. I don't know all the details. My son in law had an operation then, the problem was resolved and he's no longer on Eliquis. He's a very active person and cardiologist actually told him he could resume his exercise routine (rowing, and cycling) the week after the operation.
Blood thinner is new to me, I'm not happy with the side effects like random bruises, bleeding gum etc. I have hypertension and the fact that I have family history of strokes was enough for me to stay in, albeit reluctantly.
I'm waiting for the generic version of Eliquis or Xeralto as the costs these drugs are prohibitive.
I think if you want to discontinue with the drug, have a conversation with your doctor first. Mayo connect has been a God send for me as many of you have given me valuable insights. Maybe one of you who has stopped Eliquis can give you some information.
Be well.

A couple of concerns. One is that I heard that in some covid cases, the body throws off large amounts of blood clots. I’m assuming that the Eliquis would be helpful if I got covid and clots. Another is that I am on a very low dose of tamoxifen which has a small risk of clots. Am concerned that going off the Eliquis could have a negative impact from the tamoxifen.

I had not taken any medications except short term until I started with Eliquis and losartan. I was adamantly against going on them at the time because of having generally good health and now that I was convinced to take them, I am concerned about going off of them. I feel a little crazy about the whole thing.

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