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Kidney Transplant: Questions as I prepare for transplant

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How long did it take for you to find a donor?

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@sherelle930 Welcome to Mayo Connect. It appears you have been reading many posts! I see you joined as a member in August, but I honestly don't recall greeting you.

Are you considering seeking a live donor for a kidney transplant? We'd like to help you explore options, and if you are comfortable sharing your story, that would help! As you are seeing, each person has their own unique experience as they journey along a kidney disease issue.

I actually thought I would never get a living donor, because so many of my family either have PKD or have other reasons why they can’t donate. I was listed three years ago in Iowa, then moved inactive, as my function bumped just above 20%. In January when I drop to 16% I got a phone call from my cousin who did not know about my needing a transplant. After I explained my condition, she wrote me a letter offering to give me a kidney and she is also type O! By that time Covid was just emerging and she was unable to get tested until summer. Long story short, we ended up getting approved in Iowa, but the Surgeon there wanted to do it in two separate surgeries with dialysis done in between. I knew that Dr. Prieto at Mayo was doing the bi-lateral nephrectomies simultaneously and laparoscopically. Thankfully we both hav been approved at Mayo now and my surgery is about two weeks away. You never know how mentioning your condition may lead to the right donor! Tell your story especially to those who care about you and ask them to share it with others! Best wishes on finding your living donor!