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Dear Teresa, I am sorry to hear of the difficulties you are having due to your tumor. I hope I can offer some encouragement about post surgery, although I suspect that what actually happens is a varies widely depending on the patient’s condition and care providers. I had a large meningioma surgically removed with a single craniotomy in 2018 at a hospital about 225 miles from my home. I had an uneventful recovery, with no complications. In 5 days after surgery I was released to be driven home, about a 4-hr drive, by my wife in our personal vehicle, which is what we did without incident. However, later a nurse told me that, given the circumstances, he was surprised that I was not required to have been taken home by ambulance. Perhaps my situation was unique in that my recovery was smooth and mostly pain free and presented little risk in being driven home by my wife. I wish the same for you such that you are granted permission to travel in the most convenient and economical way for you. Best to you!

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@fiddlinchuck Thank you for your comment. Yes, I agree each person will be different on recovery. Mine I am told will be with my legs, sensory, stumbling, off balance..but who knows..we will see. I will be driving to MN from Mid Michigan. If it is just a big headache thats ok, but if someone has to carry me, wheel me or whatever, then I would consider flying home. Boy all these unanswered questions until surgery. lol I do hear many saying they don't have too much pain after surgery, for this I am relieved. Thank you again!!