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Cirrhosis of the liver

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Do you know if it is a reliable test for cirrhosis?

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Hi, @jazzmanfla. I don't know anything about the Fibrosure blood test. I don't remember having that test during my liver disease and progression to cirrhosis. However, I do remember that each different blood test and each different scan or test gives the doctors more information about your liver and about the possible diagnosis for the condition that is causing the cirrhosis. This is so that a diagnosis can be determined, and with it, a potential treatment.

I want to share the link to the Mayo Clinic information about Cirrhosis – Diagnosis and Treatment
One thing that stands out is that Laboratory tests, Imaging tests, and biopsy are all tests that your doctor might order. And these are the tests that your doctors have already scheduled for you when you go to Mayo.
My own experience is that no one test tells everything. My liver disease was discovered by my observant primary care doctor who saw some odd lab results. He referred me to a gastroenterologist (GI) who ran a series of tests, scans, labs, biopsies before finding a diagnosis.

@jazzmanfla. I had a liver and kidney transplant at Mayo in Rochester in 2009. Which Mayo Campus are you going to? What can I do to help you prepare for your upcoming visit? What questions would you like to ask?