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@imallears Thank you for your quick reply. My delightful hearing specialist at Costco has 'tweaked' the Resound's remote programs several times since I purchased in three months ago (it has four programs — normal, TV, telecoil and noisy places). I have not any experience in any looped areas (with the pandemic, for over a year I have not ventured outside my home except for essentials – grocery/pharmacy, basic non-delivery shopping, medical & dental, all regular and emergency cat veterinarian visits, car servicing/gas. That is still the case now and likely will be until face masks are no longer necessary outside our homes. My Panasonic Amplified landline so far usually works well for me (except with calls involving some "customer service" agents who have never communicated with hearing impaired customers, have thick, heavy accents, speak far too rapidly, do not/cannot enunciate clearly (enunciating clearly is "foreign" concept). I rarely use the Alcatel, except when driving in unfamiliar areas. The Alcatel usually just sits on my kitchen counter. I haven't used it since last summer.

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FYI- lots of areas giving away free captioned phones and special smoke alarms or the hearing challenged. I received my smoke alarm when there was a fire near me. The fire department and the neighborhood association have a record of me asking foe help in finding a cheap alarm system. Couple of years have passed until the fire happened near me. A lot of areas afterwards installs these alarms for free.