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@kelton… 2nd try….. I had a loop recorder put in after my TIA in January to make sure I don't have afib. Every time I talked to my cardiologist, he would tell me he did not see anything malignant about my heart rate. When I go for my walks, my HR would up very high, sonetimes over 160 for a few minutes and it would go back to normal. I do not feel it. The cardiologist told me its a matter of conditioning. I also talked to the person from Metronics (?) who made the loop recorder. He too told me that if the loop recorder shows any HR irregularities, my doctor would call me. As for how long I should keep that in, that's my question too. CA. You let us know what your new cardiologist say? There's another question I hope I can get an answer, I'm due for mammogram, and I'm concerned that the loop recorder may be damaged. Nobody seems to know anything about this issue.

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I asked the same thing when I went in for my mammogram. After careful consideration by my docs it was determined that the loop recorder would not be damaged. I am very lean and my loop recorder sticks out, but I was able to complete my mammogram with the "normal" discomfort and the recorder was not damaged. Be sure to tell them you have it so they can move it around a bit when you're having your mammogram. Good luck!

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