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Hyoid Bone Syndrome

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Thank you for that information and the links. I have been to neurologists, a spine specialist, and physical therapists (and caridologists rheumatologists and oral surgeons/tmj specialists) and had ct scans, mris, emgs, and xrays although no one has looked at the hyoid bone. The neck is straighter than it should be but evidently not enough for them to have much concern. They mentioned i could let them know if I wanted to look at pain management but then when I went back to talk about it the doc was like nah – and it was focused more on neck pain rather than the excruciating pain in my face, under my chin.

I will look more into TOS, because the weight of my chest is definitely rounding my back and shoulders. The physical therapy I've done multiple times did not do much for me.

At this point, I've seen many different specialists to try to rule out what the causes may be and there hasn't been a definitive answer beyond trigemenial neuralgia

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@divinityrose You are welcome. As I said TOS is misunderstood and you have a lot of the symptoms. I had carpal tunnel surgery and they missed TOS and it took a while before I found a doctor who understood TOS. The good thing about MFR therapy is that it is not traditional PT. It is hands on and the therapist will press into a tight spot and then push a direction to get a shearing force, and hold it and wait for the release. They go to the barrier and wait. When it releases, they adjust and follow the direction. It will take many sessions to resolve a big problem. My thoracic surgeon told me he expected it would take 2 to 3 years of MFR therapy. You don't need a diagnosis of TOS to do MFR unless your insurance requires it, but you'll need a doctor to sign scripts for therapy. There are some videos showing John Barnes demonstrating his methods and explaining. Bones will go where the muscles tell them to go, and if the muscles and fascia are restricted, it holds the body with misalignment and it can close down the small spaces where nerves pass through. Look for an expert level MFR provider.