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Hyoid Bone Syndrome

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@divinityrose-that’s great your cosmetic surgeon understood it and when you elevated your arms you had relief. So perhaps it all is in your straining against your chest. That would possibly explain the pain under your chin too. Acupuncture is far far less painful than dry needling and it can help you rebalance energy. You might find all of this resolves after reduction. I only chimed in here when you said you have seen all kinds of doctors for the pain. I can empathize and just wanted to say that there is a reason we have the most expensive healthcare, the most drugs and the most unhealthy people. This isn’t to doctor bash, but it’s truly because most, not all, do not look at the entire person and are driven by a health care system. Referral after referral and med after med does little for a persons self reliance of how to get better on their own or with the proper education. I was mainly trying to say, save your energy and only put it into things that will make yourself feel better. Rude, careless doctors certainly won’t. Go with your gut, is the best advice even with the body.

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Thanks so much or your responses. I 100% believe in a mix of holistic approach and dr approach. I had a chiropractor who also uses supplements etc provide a solution that made me feel better than I had in years related to sore joints, etc years ago.

I agree posture and muscles are involved and brought up forward facing posture to my last neurologist. I have been very aggressive in exploring everything I can and looking for answers, which is how I came across a chart of facial pains caused by various muscle or posture or other issues and HBS. Posture issues can also cause the hyoid bone to be pulled down to a lower place than it should be.