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Hyoid Bone Syndrome

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And btw I had tried bringing this very suggestion up with my doctors after massage therapist discussed it and no one seems to listen or know what to do with the information

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@divinityrose-that’s great that you already started with physical therapists and the more natural side of things. You mentioned you are straining against your large chest. All of that muscle strain will cause an imbalance. From clavicle all the way up to neck, into head. Forward head posture is literally a pain in your head and face.
I will tell you, the only reason why I am on this site is due to a misdiagnosis from an ENT. So I’m not surprised he was rude annoyed. Just keep in mind if you go to a surgeon, they will only see things in a “box” so to speak of what they can operate on. Zero western medicine doctors will speak to you from a whole body perspective. They will give you pain meds, check mark there box to bill insurance and send you on your way with a patient visit summary just in time to rush in their next patient. Most doctors you go to will know nothing in how to treat pain. They spend very little understanding it and ultimately it will just be another pain med you are prescribed. I feel your frustration with going from doctor to doctor. I will say I always considered myself and still do to be a very holistic person. I would really suggest meeting with Functional Medicine doc or Natural Path. I am not trying to make this sound simple, by any means. Look at your stress levels first. Your daily life. Work and home. What are you fueling your body with? Real nutrients or fake/processed foods. What’s your sleep like. These are all things that you can control. And no doctor can reduce your stress, improve your diet or get you to be active and social. Lack of these are all starters/contributors to inflammation, poor functionality and pain. Your body really wants to work for you. Don’t get frustrated with the process. Just take that energy away from doctors.