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robbie1956 (@robbie1956)

Another long night of PVCs

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Hello @robbie1956,

Like @danab said, I have my bed elevated as well. I have used bed risers (rather than extra pillows) since pillows often slip during the night, or I slip off of them!. You can find bed risers at most stores or you can make your own with large wooden or brick blocks.

I use them for both Gi symptoms as well as heart symptoms. Just a thought.

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Thanks for your reply and your information..that sounds like a good idea..and so glad that these suggestions work for you and the other members that have given me some suggestions …. I might add that I’m on the edge of my bed most of the time by morning and find that my ‘pillow mountain’ has taken a tumble during the night….so bed risers I’ll look for, also an adjustable bed that might elevate my head and feet…wonderful suggestions from all of you…last night was much better than the previous night….

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