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Thanks for your reply….and yes, I sleep with three pillows…my head gets propped, but sometimes it just seems to do whatever it does….I’ve been through a sleep study and they said I have a slight case of sleep apnea….sometimes I wake up sort of startled as though I’d been holding my breath…then I find myself getting a slight anxiety attack..all of this does not help with the Ectopics….but, I like many others and yourself, just keep on…BTW, I’ve saved many good comforting articles on the Ectopic/GI/Vagus nerve irritation connection…Thanks for your information…..and you’re right, the conditions seems to like to come on at the late hour and when I sit a certain way…or lie down to go to sleep…..

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Hello @robbie1956,

Like @danab said, I have my bed elevated as well. I have used bed risers (rather than extra pillows) since pillows often slip during the night, or I slip off of them!. You can find bed risers at most stores or you can make your own with large wooden or brick blocks.

I use them for both Gi symptoms as well as heart symptoms. Just a thought.