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It struck me about your comments about being persistent with your doctors about feeling something was not right. That happened to me. For 5 years from my local cardiologist, I was told every thing would ok and nothing would come from it. Well surprise, it did and after finding the right heart failure doctor, it all came together. We must all be our own advocates and keep pushing until we get answers. You paying attention worked well for you. Keep on it.

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I had never had a serious illness, never been on any prescribed medications daily with the exception of antibiotics, Tylenol for headache. One day totally functional, mech day Sent from prompt care to ER and don't stop home to pick up belongings, etc. Admitted Sent home on low dose metoprolol with diagnosis of hypertension. Back in two weeks to ER, same thing and with doctors saying they thought I was anxious and experiencing anxiety. Increased meds, back again. Finally went to cardiologist, she said, "This is not anxiety, it is your heart. Ordered MRI, bingo. Same day referral sent to Mayo Clinic Cardiologist. Tried meds first but not able to get bp, heart rate under control. COVID hit, surgery postponed til Mayo's restrictions lifted. Which in my case was end of July this year. I was getting reputation in ER for having anxiety before being diagnosed with HOCM. Spent many hours in ER waiting room watching other patients with sprained wrists and chronic elbow pain taken before I would be examined because I was low man on totem pole because she is just anxious. Knowing myself and I'd self care before I'd go to doctors office or hospital for medical care. Doctors are not looking for HOCM in the ER. Hyprtension, yes. Diabetes, yes. Kidney problems yes. Pneumonia, again yes. Only a few doctors took an interest to dig deeper, look further, and seek answers. Another Dr told me I reviewed your Cardiac MRI and why didn't someone find this sooner. "We all learned about HOCM in our first year in medical school". I never doubted myself, I knew if I stay persistent someone will listen. And thank goodness I did. I wonder how many get misdiagnosed when present with symptoms of HOCM? Hoping more doctors become more aware of patients that come to ED with not so obvious diagnosis' and listen to the possibility, the patient knows their own body better than anyone!

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