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OCD and Major Depression

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I am a good baker but have no desire to make cookies this year. Maybe pies or something. My siblings may get together on December 19TH. depending on Covid. I get invited once a year. It's so fakey! I have found a lady thru a Church who will meet with me once per week. It's called Stephen ministry for people who are suffering. One hour is better than nothing. Thanks.

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mariajean03 Pies are good too! You say that your siblings are "fakey." Are they "fakey" towards you or just in general? I'm just curious if you are the family scapegoat or if this is just how they interact with one another? It's good you found a lady through a church but once a week doesn't seem that often. I'm sure you are grateful for that 1 hour.

COVID-19 has not been easy. Are there any other good suggestions you've received regarding how to connect more often with more people?

Hello @mariajean03,

I'm so glad that you are meeting with a Stephen Minister. I went through SM training years ago and feel it is a great way to support people who are going through tough times.

Are you finding this relationship helpful?

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