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OCD and Major Depression

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Dec 6, 2020 | Replies (84)

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Thanks so much Sharon. Your prayers mean so much! I will lean more on Him. I'm just the co-pilot. God's the pilot. Please pray I get on the right mixture of meds. I'm so happy for you. Do you ever feel rejected by friends an family due to OCD? So much stigma. Would love to talk more. Maria.

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Hi Maria, your comment prompts me to say that I don't get why people are so judgemental of others just because they do not understand them. I think life is plenty difficult enough and I'm not sure why they don't just accept others for whatever they are, assuming they are not harming anyone else of course. I don't get many of my siblings (I have 6) but I do not reject any of them. I can love someone even if I don't understand them. Ugh, people! Hank

Thank you, Maria, for your comments! My OCD tends to be in my mind/thoughts so I am able to "hide" the effects from other people except when my husband says "your repeating yourself". My stigma/fear is when I share that I have had 27 ECT's. I know that even in 2020 it is a procedure that is greatly misunderstood. I rely on God to bring people to me who need my story/testimony to help them and HE has protected me. I have to say that ECT treatment is NOT scary and by God's grace I was totally and completely healed and escaped being a mental vegetable in a mental institution for life. So, Maria, if God can do that for me, HE can do that for you. If you have to go to a hospital, do not fear–that's where God put me to be healed. I will pray about your meds – that they are correct, with no side effects and that they are effective to make you feel better than ever! Don't ever give up!!! Sharon