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OCD and Major Depression

Depression & Anxiety | Last Active: Dec 6, 2020 | Replies (84)

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@mariajean03 You think you are overly medicated but are scared to taper off of your medication. You have managed to stay out of the hospital but you are awake at night with worry and are tormented by compulsions. It sounds like your depression and OCD are not being managed. No one should have to live "tormented" by compulsions. Would you tell me more about your situation? What kind of mental health services are you receiving and what kind of treatment have you had regarding your OCD and depression?

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I don't lay awake if I take the Seraquel. But some nites I have terrible side effects. I can't move and slur my speech. I'm very alone with a tine help with sleep. I have wierd side effhusband who was addicted to porn. I get no physical touch but he is a great care taker. Des Moines has no treatment for OCD. I've tried every thing from ect's to TMS. Nothing works. I see my psychiatrist and a therapist. Iowa is rated F for mental health. Is there a med that can help me while I taper off seraquel. I want to stay out of the hospital so my meds are working somewhat. I'm 61 and make the best of my situation. I've been alone and neglected all my life. I just had bunion surgery and am forced to change my walking rituals. Every time I try to go down on the seraquel I panic and can't sleep. Does Seratine help with sleep? so confused! Maria.