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MRI results show bulging discs: what are my options?

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I have arthritis in ALL my joints. My last CaT scan of hip showed a cyst. Not one single Dr. cared about it or my complaints of not being able to hardly walk any distances.(the hip issue started in 2017) Also, the hip issue could be related to spine and sacroiliac joints. The vertebrae that is misplaced is lower so that could affect my hip too. Lots of pinched/compressed nerves. As for being treated different because of my insurance, I have always been limited on what Dr./surgeons I can see. Many times they could could not do the things they wanted to do because they were limited because of my insurance. Many things were not done.

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@saleha59 You need to advocate for yourself. Call your insurance company and ask for approval to see a surgeon. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. There is enough on your MRI report to warrant medical care. That diagnostic test was ordered by a physician and have they given you a response to the results or a recommendation? I know it can be frustrating and scary at the same time, but you have to imagine yourself having a good recovery and the journey begins with a single step. Speak up for yourself until they listen to you. This insurance problem isn't the doctor's fault, so be careful about voicing frustration to the doctor. I'm sure they hear a lot of it and it just makes their job stressful.

Interesting, because I have read and been told that one reason for certain cysts to develop - I had developed one in my spine/lumbar region, years back - was the body’s own attempt to protect parts from pain. Example was where my cyst was (L4?) is where my stenosis and spondylolisthesis was “the worst”. My body was trying to prevent further aggravation by “padding” (my understanding) the area so it wasn’t rubbing. Sort of like getting a blister on your foot where a shoe is rubbing it, if that makes sense? So, you have hip pain, a hip cyst and you have trouble walking any distance. Most people will demonstrate “degenerative” changes (another word for degenerative joint disease, aka osteoarthritis) on XRays after a certain age. So I have been told both as a patient and when I was a nurse. The issue is whether it is bad enough in whatever joint to cause constant pain not relieved by OTC medications, PT, and interferes with activities of daily living (ADL). If it does and there is a way to relieve it (joint replacement or other surgery), then that is something that may be suggested to said patient. Anyway, so saying you have arthritis in “ALL my joints” is still not defining a specific problem with that (side) hip of yours. So it seems to me, you need to be seen by a doctor who can help figure out all these conditions of yours and determine what part is causing pain precisely where. That I cannot help you with. You need to keep things very specific for the doctors you see and again, take notes, write things down very clearly, etc.