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I forgot to mention my mom also has hepatitis C can she still get a liver transplant? The doctor said she's not a candidate for a transplant . I appreciate everything you have answered me .

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@romero1972, I am a patient, as are all of us on Connect. We do not have the training or authority to know if your mom might qualify for a liver transplant at any time in the future.
Has your doctor said anything about her hepatitic C? I would suggest that you ask him if there is any treatment that could help her. From my experience, it is hard to catch a doctor when he has enough time to consult with family members. However, I have arranged to be present when the doctor makes his morning rounds – Sometimes it is a long wait. Another option is to contact her head nurse, and talk to her about what can be done for your mom.
@romero1972, Your mom is fortunate to have you looking out for her. Do you think that you can arrange to talk with the doctor or the nurse?

Hi. I have had a kidney transplant since July 2000. Both the kidney and I are keeping on keeping on (I hope). Perhaps I missed it, but has your Mother's liver failed, or is it failing? Although not a doctor, if the liver has failed then the time window in which to do a transplant is very limited. One ironclad transplant rule, at least for kidney transplants, is that a patient's body mass index (BMI) must be below 39 (I believe). BMI is calculated by using the patient's weight and height. God bless you and yours at this time.