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Metastatic Breast Cancer treatment options

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@junec. I have met bc to the bones. I have now gone thru all three of the AI’s, as I have had severe reactions to each of the meds to the point when on exemestane had me feel like I was dying. There have been recent articles about ibrance on the mews and there seems to be such a slight benefit it may or may not be worth taking. If it makes you feel worse and only gives you 3-4 more months of pain and agony is it worth it? I don’t mean to sound pessimistic but having this disease is hard enough but the horrific side effects I had were worse. Have decided to take a natural route, but this is not for everyone.

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Thank you for sharing this. When I got diagnosed in Aug I started seeing a ND MD and he's placed me on a strict diet many vitamins and supplements ( which have some of the same properties as the drugs) and a Homeopathic MD virtually in Germany who has set up an herbal, homeopathic & cell salts protocol. The reason they're able to work with me as I haven't taken any drugs yet. I am looking into new Immunotherapy trials that would match my cell type. The journey begins, I applaud your courage.