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Ulcerative Colitis flare from flu shot?

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Hello I am so glad to see I am not the only one who has had this happen I was diagnosed with UC back in 2007 I get the flue shot that year for the first time then was diagnosed with UC cause that year I suffered from rectal bleeding. Then I went into remission for 5 years then got the flue shot again in 2012 and again another flare up then went I then I went into remission for 7 years clear and free then another flare up after getting flue shot cause my job became very pushy about us receiving it. I am wondering if I really have UC or is this just a reaction to the flue vaccine I have tried to talk to my doctor but they say it’s just a coincidence

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My understanding is that it wasn’t the flu shot itself, but rather the immune response that caused the flare. At this point, I am terrified to get the covid vaccine…. Questions: How were you diagnosed with UC? Colonoscopy? And what kept you in remission for years???? I have been in this wicked flare since October!! I have been in the hospital, have taken prednisone for months, am currently on Stelara and hydrocortisone enemas and absolutely miserable and still bleeding. This is a horrible, debilitating illness that has just taken so much from my life!!!! I honestly don’t know how much longer I can do this….