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Ulcerative Colitis flare from flu shot?

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I never would have thought to put the two together. It does make sense though, because I have Crohn’s Ilium and after the shot this year it caused me to go out of remission. I’m now dealing with severe diarrhea and going 6-8 times a day.

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I am so sorry! Today is two weeks and one day since the flu shot and the bloody diarrhea continues and is more frequent. I am taking oral budesonide hoping to make it to the next Entyvio infusion without having to increase the frequency of that. Thirteen months of remission and suddenly here we are! The medical journals do not clinically support this (not clinically significant) but they state environmental factors can cause a flare. It is the only variable and I know it was the flu shot because the flare started in less than 24 hours and there have been no other changes. I too was hesitant to get the flu shot, but with Covid-19, you’re afraid to leave the house these days. I understand and empathize with the fear and frustration you’re both having and I am so sorry! I hope we all get through these flares and back on track quickly…. Thanks for sharing and good luck!

Hi, just checking to see how you're doing. This is Day 19 of my "flu shot flare" and things just started to improve because of the recently prescribed prednisone. The steroid suppositories (7 days) did not stop the bleeding, nor did the oral budesonide, so GI doc brought in the big guns, but only for a short period of time, with tapering to begin within 7 days. Also wanted to let you know that he said the flare could absolutely have been brought on by the flu shot BUT only because there must have been some inflammation or immune activity going on at the time I got the shot. Evidently the immune system can only handle so many immune responses at a time. He also ordered a blood test that will check the trough level of the Entyvio I've been on for 15 months and see if there are antibodies. So, we'll see… IBD is a difficult and complex condition and challenging to treat and control. I hope you're feeling better and back in remission or on the way back to remission!!