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Ulcerative Colitis flare from flu shot?

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@dval – What a terrible experience having a flare up happen overnight! It seems to me that you are one of very few with IBD that got a flare up right after the flushot. I'm aware that there is no proof found yet that there is a connection, but there are several reports describing a reaction that you had – happening out of the blue right after the flushot. It is also so important for you and others with IBD to get the flushot.
Your Gastroenterologist sounds great, having a plan for you immediately. If Entyvio has worked so well for you, but you hesitate to get more frequent infusions you could ask your doctor to go over risks and side effects again.
You are wise to see that you have to be your own health advocate. That is what I have done for years. I don't have UC or Crohns, but other autoimmune GI disease. I have seen connections in my illness but doctors claim there is no evidence. Many times, the evidence will come after a few years!
We would appreciate it very much if you can get back to us when you know more.

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Thank you so much for the support and empathy! I’m still waiting for the test results. Our insurance covers Lab Corp only, so I have no choice…. In the meantime, this is Day 10 of bleeding. The reason I am hesitant about having the Entyvio infusions every 4 weeks instead of the usual every 8 weeks is because this flare occurred in Week 2 of the infusion cycle! My last infusion was September 15th and the flu shot was 2 weeks later. My understanding is if I was going to stop responding to the Entyvio, there would have been signs at the end of the cycle (week 6, 7 or 8) and I have never had that. I have always felt the same and was in full clinical remission. If I start an oral steroid in less than 4 days, it will diminish the benefit of the flu shot! This is all so complex and frustrating; having a chronic illness is!!! I was in excellent health before this hell, never smoked, drank or ate badly. There is no genetic component either. It has been difficult to say the least and I am blessed to have my husband of 43 years be my best friend and biggest support! Retirement is certainly not what we thought it would be…. With Covid-19 we’re all in an altered world. We are blessed to have wonderful, supportive family and friends and two amazing grandchildren, so I try to focus on the good stuff. I resent all the time and energy this disease has taken from me and there are days I am sad. People that get it understand and help too, so thank you!