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How do you deal with stubborn doctors?

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First off, I'm sorry to hear your dealing with it. It can be very frustrating when you know how you feel and they try to tell you that there is no way that your feeling that way. Just have to keep pushing the issues, whether it's with your current doc or finding another. Like others said, just don't mention what the other doctor thinks. Tell them what you know to be true to you and let them come to their own conclusion. Can even mention that you don't agree with the pervious one and thats why you sought them out. I have had limited time with that issue. My previous doc kept telling me after my second heart attack in 6 months time that I was fine and that it's normal to feel like another is coming on. After about a month of that and then his next answer being "your fine, i'll see you again in 6 months." I went the next day and sought out a new one. Low and behold he was like no it's not normal. He scheduled an appointment for a week later to go in and look, i beat him to it though by 3 days later getting a helicopter ride from my local er to their sister hospital in Milwaukee having my 3rd only a few months after the second. My current issue is slightly different but under the same category though. I keep having what feels like mini heart attacks and he kinda brushes it off. A few ER trips have had a few overnights but at the end they can't really figure out why. The last they figured out that something was off cause I have now made it into heart failure. The ER docs suggested I look into going to Mayo at least for a second opinion (or at least a first since my doc doesn't have much to say about how i got here and why). So i go through all the work of getting an appointment setup and they tell him all he has to do is send a referral so the insurance will cover it. My next appointment with him before the Mayo trip he asks when i'm suposed to go and asks to get copies of everything. 3 days into the trip Mayo tells me he never sent in a referral so until they get one they will have to cancel my pending appointments. But that they did fax something to him the day before asking again and hadn't heard back. I get a call shortly after the 6 hour drive home from his nurse saying that he never sent one to them cause he "had" sent one to the sister hospital in Milwaukee for me to go to their advanced heart failure clinic instead. Which made no sense to me. So i left a message on how this process works so i can go to this other one. 2 days later they send me a message through their online thing that says that they sent the referral again and to expect a call. Now almost a week after having to leave Mayo i still have not gotten a call or have anymore info on going to this other one. From what seems to me falls under an issue of pride. Like no i'm not going to let you go to Mayo, we can figure this out when they haven't done so well on that front so far and without a referral from him theres no way around it unless i want to pay out of pocket (which isn't even an option). And i know if i find a new doc they aren't going to give me a referral first visit and want to try to work the issue. So i'm stuck in a hard place cause of a doctors pride. Have an appointment with him in the morning so hopefully he will have a better answer about this clinic of theirs other then wait for them to call whenever they get around to it.

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@shawnb2020 I am sorry you are having so much difficulty. You should call your insurance company tomorrow. Your doctor has to answer to them. Explain the situation and that you were supposed to get a referral to Mayo and that your doctor screwed up. Do you have a POS or an HMO plan? I have heard that to stay profitable doctors are rewarded for not referring patients to specialists with HMO plans. It isn't right, but it is the game they play and they try to keep it within the same company. That is why it is better to have a plan where you don't need a referral. Patients can self refer to Mayo if their insurance allows and I did. It's hard enough to be a patient who needs medical help without all the games. Insurance companies rate doctors and they know who the good ones are. If you don't get anywhere calling your insurance, you can call your state's insurance board. You can also complain to a state medical board about a physician. At least look and see if this doctor has any disciplinary action against them. You'll also need to demand that copies of referrals and records are sent to you at your request because they can't be trusted to follow through when asked and you have a right to your records. If this is too upsetting, have a family member advocate for you. I wouldn't assume a new doctor won't give you a referral. You don't really know that for sure, and you need a different opinion because this doctor is not helping and may even be harming you by increasing your stress. Say that to your insurance company. It should make them worry since this is about your heart health. If you don't get anywhere with your insurance company, asking a new doctor for help sounds like a good idea. You probably need copies of your tests and records for that, so ask for them if you don't have them. I've been through some difficulty with 5 spine surgeons who refused to help me because they didn't understand my symptoms. I figured out what they missed and came to Mayo which was the right choice. When I needed surgery on a broken ankle recently, I came back. You need to insist on a different specialist and ask to go to Mayo. Ask your insurance company how they mediate disputes when the patient is not being helped and ask for supervisors. A lot of insurance centers are staffed by people without college degrees and they might even be getting bonuses for denying claims. That starts a process of having to re-apply for benefits and wastes time, and that means the insurance can put off paying the claim for a coupe months while their cash is invested and earning profits. It just wastes your time. My physical therapist explained this game to me.

Sorry you are having this issue. Maybe find a new doctor that came from Mayo? OR call the doctor and ask again nicely and directly for the referral and remind him you already drove there and want to continue there for your second opinion. Good luck.

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