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Dear Patientrea, So glad to hear knee was a success. I can only imagine the pain you experienced before the surgery and ,as with my surgeries , dealing with the Xarelto issue and the doctors involved being not knowledgeable about Lividoid . Glad to hear Heparin got you through the post surgery . Are you taking any Blood thinner now?
I have been on Xarelto since 2015 15 mg daily. I do not believe it is working as well as I would like it to. My doctors do not know if it is optimal either. I have had two skin graphs placed on my right ankle and achiles tendon area , as the tendon was exposed. I can't describe how bad the pain was.. Right now I have another foot ulcer on my inside ankle bone. which was covered with a cadaver graft . I hope I won't need a skin graft but I am not optimistic because the pain is very bad even with oxycodone. I see the surgeon on wed. to assess it. Let me know what all you take and if it helps when you get a chance. You r input means alot to me

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Dear @zenk,please accept my apologies for the delay of my answer.First of all,what did the surgeon tell you today;For the time being I do not take Xarelto.One thing that has helped me very much is sea water.I live near the sea and i discovered that when the red spots appear,if I go swimming or just putting my feet- under the knees- in the sea water by the beach,most of the times these spots disappeared.Low molecular weight heparin really helped me after knee surgery.Do you think you can discuss its potential use with your doctor;I will be waiting for your reply.Once more: thank you so much!