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The Chat Room: A place to talk about this and that

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I’m not a moderator or a mentor and obviously not privy to the same information that you are.
I wasn’t aware of what some of you collectively decided
you would,
Need to have,
Nice to have,
Desirable to have
Aso I assume your group decided there must be a lack of knowledge of Connect members to contribute. How am I supposed to know how this virus affected the Mayo Clinic computer programming division or whoever is in charge of making improvements or Mayo Clinic as a whole.
Perhaps an update would’ve been appropriate.
I am aware of how to look through posts.
You’re obviously not aware of how long it takes to scroll through thousands of messages and how time-consuming it is when you have to scroll down just through a few messages to the bottom of the page hit more or whatever it says then scroll down again hit more and on and on and on. Perhaps it would be nice if Mayo Clinic would inform members of works on the drawing board. Perhaps you don’t even want suggestions from members although that’s not the impression I’ve gotten from Colleen whom I have the greatest respect for.

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Replies to "@artscaping I’m not a moderator or a mentor and obviously not privy to the same information..."

Hey Leonard, I am with you about REALLY wanting to at least be able to access people's old posts more quickly and efficiently including my own of course.

I'm pretty sure it's not Chris's @artscaping job to keep us informed, and think about it, she's suffering ridiculously in pain just like you and so many others here. It's kind of a full time job just trying to maintain your composure in the face of that alone, let alone think of our frustrations with some functionality regarding Connect.

I guess we gotta just suck it up and be patient, I expect that the new feature is coming at some point. I certainly look forward to it and I know @colleenyoung will let us know when it gets here. Colleen, please keep us updated on this. Thanks much! Best, Hank

@jakedduck1 Hi there again. The priority designations have been used for years at least in my business world. They often help folks understand necessities and priorities…..weigh one against another as we all have to do.

And just so you know @jakeadduck1 we are always collecting and submitting new requests about development options. Many are questions just like you saw this afternoon from @sunnyflower. I am still learning my way around the site.

Are there some specific ideas that you have for this site? Please, send them along, directly to @colleenyoung.

May you be content and at peace Jake.

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