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The Chat Room: A place to talk about this and that

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Your energy comes from your mind lady
I suspect that's why they call you fun countess.
Mold and fire smells in upholstery will never go away.
I could still smell basement smells from some things that were stored there when we moved from NY. I think it took a good 10 yrs for some items to smell normal again.

But what fun…new furniture.
Hardly anything makes me run for the Hills anymore
I love a challenge, like you seem to and think we would have made good neighbors.

FL Mary

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Hi Mary,
I think my high energy comes from all the stress I’ve been thru, non stop.
Insurance is a funny thing. 1st adjuster had me replace affected wood furniture,but only reupholster 3 chairs. Which I did. He was also generous with replacing everything outside. 2nd adjuster did not last long. She lost my paper work, gave me wrong address to send papers to, AND was not willing to replace anything. After a few weeks she quit her job, so now on 3rd adjuster. Under his watch rooms were torn down to wood framing, new electrical, all new everything. Since so much in storage, and upholstered pieces were cleaned,then put in storage, no air circulation, so upholstery could not dry out from cleaning. All the metal furniture in storage came back fine, as well as other stuff.
At my age of late 70s, you must think like a person in their 30-40 years old, because most adjusters are that age, and have a difficult time relating to senior citizens.
Most furniture stores are out of business, so I acted quickly, and bought stuff on line. As long as it looked good and I knew what the fabric and color was, I bought.
I’ve bought plenty of furniture from WAYFAIR AND LUMENS and trust them.
They also have live people you can talk to, so that helped me.
There is still outstanding work to get done, but bulk of rebuild is done.
Some of my neighbors are still struggling. I feel bad for them.
It also helped to know the difference between good and bad construction.
With the Florida hurricanes I hope you never go thru a disaster.
So that’s a “nut shell” of what it’s like to deal with insurance companies. IT ALL DEPENDS ON THE ADJUSTER.

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