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The Chat Room: A place to talk about this and that

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No, I didn’t read the header about General Health…my bad. I am assuming politics are off limits in the chat room…as it should be.
You go haul those rocks superwomen. Just don’t want to see a Chat room thread about you juggling rocks in the air or “what not to do when hauling rocks.” I’m pulling up or moving old plants because my son in law is on a landscaping binge. It’s almost that time of year in Florida but still too humid and we were teased with some gorgeous fall like days last week. Thought it might be the turning point….sigh.

Muggy Fl Mary

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@imallears Yep, the guidelines are still the same here as in any other group. Respectful, mindful, no politics.

Ha! ha! no juggling of any sort from me – never mastered that except in doing several things things at once, like so many of us can. As far as what not to do. On a level haul I don't have much to keep me from moving what is comfortable, weight-wise. Right now I am hauling from our north-side downslope. There is a 45 degree slope for about 150'. So, the amount of weight of a load on the wheeled sled has to be reduced for me to push it up the hill. Picture a modern-day Sisyphus-style push. This makes for more trips, but today I moved perhaps 300 pounds. We expect rain Fri or Sat, so there is a lot to do if I can get most of those moved before then. I get easily distracted looking at some of the prettier rocks ;))

Have fun moving or pulling up plants. I get so ecstatic that a plant has lived I hate to pull them!