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While I like the idea of a chat room I am not sure how well that will work. I had assumed the “Just want to talk” area would have taken care of that. But I agree about going off topic and have stopped reading the virtual walking threads because of that.

We are a good chatty group…bless us all. So maybe a stern/gentle
reminder to all via email , if possible, about keeping the discussions on topic and the fact that there is a Just Want To Talk area. If we are on a particular topic and responding to it but feel the need to go off topic, we can just say that we will continue the off topic discussion under Just Want To Talk or in the Chat Room. Might work…..or not lol.

FL Mary

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@imallears I hope this idea of the chat room takes off and is successful. While you mention using the "Just Want To Talk" group, if you read the header on that you will find that it talks about General Health ideas and questions. I think the original focus of that was to get someone started on their topic and then guide them over to specific discussions. The concept of a chatroom leads more towards around-the-table/over-the-fence type talking. That is, the weather or children / grandchildren or the general things not dealing necessarily with health. I believe there is space for all of us in this forum of Mayo Connect, and it has really been a godsend for me the last few years!

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