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Medical marijuana for sleep disorders?

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I did read the articles thank you for the feedback.
The only reason that I went through sleep medicine in the first place is, no regular doctor will do anything. They send you to sleep med. You fill out questionnaires which nobody reads beforehand. They then schedule the sleep lab which costs thousands. If you show any symptoms of apnea you will get a CPAP machine with the assurance that all your issues will be solved. If not you next see a shrink who prescribes antidepressants.
I have explained over and over in great detail to every specialist that I see why I am there. The first thing they say is how can I help you. I should record my response to save time. I do not have insomnia. I can fall asleep in 5 min. Apnea is not a problem. My sleep chart data looks pretty normal, etc.
My complaint is I seem to have long vivid intense dreams that go on and on all night. I get up, go back to bed, and repeat. Every single night year after year.
I am exhausted when I finally drag my butt out.
One of the last Dr's I saw I basically had to grab his tie and say look this is why I am here. Without hesitation, he said you have epic (non-rem) dreaming.
It is rare, little is known about it and there is no known treatment. Well at least someone finally put a name on it. I asked if cannabis might help and he would not even consider that since there hadn't been any study. Here is your chance! Hence my inquiry here.
I live in Minnesota 15 miles from the Mayo clinic. Medical marijuana is legal, but not recreational.

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First I want to make clear. THC IS A HIGH. CBD IS FROM HEMP PLANT NO HIGH. I strongly suggest you find out the requirement for a medical marijuana prescription. The dispensaries are licenced then you can try the type of product that you have already researched online. I didn't like the affect of the THC I bought chocolates cupcakes etc. I gained weight and fell sleep faster and for a longer time before I woke up and stumbled to get to the bathroom. Finally I tried CBD gummies and capsules. Just didn't Work long enough I'd wake mind racing and take hours to go back to sleep. Now I use an OTC melatonin based product with GABA and an amino acid added. It's called Sleep3 by nature's bounty. I sleep for 2 or 3 hours before I wake up and go to the bathroom back to sleep for between one and a half and one more hours before waking up again. I go back to sleep easily and repeat. The difference is that my dreams are usually calm or funny rarely exciting. No more running lost scared or attacked. I wake up more rested although it still takes 9'hrs attemping to be rested enough not to fall asleep or need to nap. I do know some people who nap so they can stay up late. I need to keep a strict schedule if any deviance of more than an hour it's days to get back on. Many people use CBD oils or lotions for joint pain. I don't grab something unless it's severe disabling pain so I found Tiger balm and Lidocaine ( different labels) warm up the joint and let me sleep. I stay away from Tylenol or such to protect my liver. I already put it through so much for so many years. I hope this is clarifying.

@mazeppabob It sounds like you have a rare disorder and providers have so far have been unable to treat it effectively. Sleep is such an important part of wellbeing. I'm wondering if any of your providers have suggested alternative treatments such as therapy, meditation, yoga, or acupuncture?

Honestly sounds like you have narcolepsy. I also have stupid long dreams every night and that's what I was diagnosed with after the sleep studies.
I was also prescribed a CPAP for mild apnea and there was no way in hell to sleep with that snorkel mask on.

Have you ever tried an anti-anxiety medication? I find anxiety can cause bad dreams. Prescription Ativan works well.