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Apple pie and ice cream.

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What kind of seasonings do you use?

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First of all, I grow basil and can't wait to use it in soups and Italian foods, and in the fall I dry some. I like it in cream of tomato soup.
I use fresh garlic and sweet onions almost every day because with the flavor, I don't need much salt. I like fresh ground pepper on my tomatoes and meat and have read that it helps metabolism and mine is quite slow, I think. I use oregano in my chili and spaghetti sauce.
I can eat cooked fresh veggies without added salt if I use a little salted butter for flavor. I no longer care for ham or bacon in my green beans. I love sour cream on certain foods such as taco's or gazpacho soup. I love wine vinegar or balsamic vinegar on my salads along with salt, pepper, and a little sweetener, and olive oil. I no longer buy salad dressings except for mayo for deviled eggs. I like Grey Poupon mustard and use ketchup for chili burgers, but not on sandwiches. Also I put parmesan cheese on toast for flavoring.
Is that enough? I like lemon flavorings and cinnamon in my tea. I mixed Emeril's recipe for strong flavoring which is a little hot. A pinch of hot flavoring can help a milk based soup not be so flat in flavor. This recipe is usually for meat or Southern greens. Dorisena

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