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Apple pie and ice cream.

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Of course, a person's blood sugar will spike after eating a high carb meal. But a person doesn't have to choose to have that happen as it could cause damage in the long term. My cousin was advised to not allow her blood sugar to go beyond 160 or 180. A nurse at a heart clinic advised me that any blood sugar over 200 on a regular basis is a cause for concern. My late husband would not test and laughed at his occasional numbers and high blood pressure. He wanted to show how tough he was. If you want to keep your diabetes at its current level and keep your insulin shots, then you can do that. Type two diabetics can do much better than "control" and in some cases can get back to normal blood sugar levels. Over time, my pre-diabetes became diabetes with growing numbers so I worked harder on my diet and can reach almost normal numbers every day. Remember, I had low blood sugar and had dizzy spells and didn't know what I was doing before I surprisingly creeped into pre-diabetes some years later. I thought I cured it with eating six times a day, low carb.. I gave up baking sweets as a start and then learned much more for my current state. Everything has a cause. I am not satisfied until I find reasons for my conditions. Dorisena

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I went to eye doctor about my eye sight changing they seen no problems said it can come from my sugar coming down because my glasses are to strong now.my numbers are still up there but there are getting lower but it seems everthing I eat raises my number specialist my doctor referred me to isn't taking new patients