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@cb772, you'll notice that I moved your posts about disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) into one discussion that can be found in both the Blood Disorders group and the ICU group. That will bring everyone in one place to talk.

CB: Did you start having issues with DIC after back surgery? What long term effects are you dealing with from DIC and/or from being in the ICU?

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@colleenyoung, I posed my original question in the Blood Disorder and ICU Groups but didn't receive any responses so, since it's contributed to my chronic pain, I posted it in the Chronic pain group. As for long-term issues, I initially couldn't read & comprehend and I wasn't able to type. Prior to DIC, I was an avid reader and typed 120 words per minute. I started out reading short magazine stories, went up to children's books & eventually to the books I normally read. To this day though, I often can't recall the story line and have to re-read a few chapters before resuming to read. I was a paralegal/legal assistant so these symptoms, along with being deaf in my left ear, we're distressing. Over the years since 2007, my symptoms have worsened. For example, I often stutter (I was formerly a public speaker) ; I have more & more frequently episodes of what looks like seizures that turn my legs to jelly & now my whole body jerks uncontrollably and I frequently fall resulting in injuries; I used to be witty but now I often can't think quickly enough to respond; I have severe anxiety and depression and can't deal with it properly. If not for faith in God, I would not continue to exist. As it is, I don't live life, I exist in my recliner, smoke cigarettes & watch TV. I have other long term symptoms like passing out, zoning out, irritability, etc.