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Alternative to Bisphosphonates

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@criss It sounds as if Lara Pizzorno may have an interest in Algae Cal. Do you know that she does not? Obviously if a person has a stake in it then they are going to recommend it highly.

I am still in the process of figuring out what course I will take. I have a DEXA at the end of the month and then appointments with two endocrinologists about my osteoporosis. I have heard from other sources that Algae Cal is no better than taking the recommended supplements like Calcium, Vitamin D, and possibly K and Boron. I have seen Strontium not recommended.

I am not an expert in this area at all, like all of us, I am just trying to make sure I have the most accurate information which can be difficult because there are those who favor drugs and those who vehemently oppose them. I was prepared to start with something but then it occurred to me that I tend to have negative side-effects very often from drugs. Knowing the potential side-effects of these drugs is pretty frightening.

I have this habit of not really looking into side-effects so then when one presents itself I am perplexed not knowing what could be causing whatever my problem is. That happened recently when I complained to a friend about my legs aching badly. She immediately asked me if I was on a statin which I had started a couple of months previous to that. Sure enough, that was what was causing the problem. I explain this because I would not want it to be thought that I read the side-effects and then immediately imagine that I have them.

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Replies to "@criss It sounds as if Lara Pizzorno may have an interest in Algae Cal. Do you..."

I have wondered the same thing about AlgaeCal as well as any others. I just wish I knew what is the best thing to take. There are so many conflicting answers.

Yes, I also considered Dr. Pizzorno's connection with AlgaeCal.. Her 30+ years of work with bone health and other age related issues seem to explain her support. The more information we have the better able we are to make good decisions for our own situation. Of course we have to do our research and not just accept everything we hear. Consider that the traditional medical community gets kickbacks from big Pharma, and most doctors have not been trained in natural medicine, but to prescribe meds.
Best wishes to you!