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Help me please only 27!!!

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No one will help me they tell me it’s nothing wrong I’ve been to ent neurologists had Kris idk what else to do

I was told it might be mold poisoning/lymes…?

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Hi. Who won't help you? Who did you see? What did they do, did they do any tests? What exactly did they say and what exactly did they recommend? Your posts are not giving enough information to allow anyone to be of help to you. I think you would benefit yourself to calmly sit and write out in detail what exactly has happened to you since your last post. Personally I am very interested. I am dying to be of more service to you if you can just be more descriptive. With all sincerity and my best to you, Hank

Have you taken any vaccines lately?

@10987654321 Take a deep breath. When I was 27, I didn't understand how medicine worked and medicine was not as advanced as it is today. I know living with uncertainty can be worrisome, and I've been there too and over several years of wondering why doctors didn't know why I had my symptoms. I've been misdiagnosed and even blamed for inventing a problem when my thoracic outlet syndrome was missed by the surgeon who operated on my carpal tunnel. He took my pulse and told me I was fine. When I came back to him with a proper diagnosis, he turned me away and would not authorize the physical therapy that I needed. Sure, that was hard to live with, and I didn't know where to get help, so I had to find doctor in a specialty that understood TOS and how to treat it. Those were stressful days, but I got through it. That is how medicine is… it's a process of elimination of ruling things out. You will need to advocate for yourself and provide information that will help your doctors help you. Doctors are not comfortable with problems outside of their specialty, so they don't take on something that they wouldn't fully understand. You are better served by finding the right specialty for your issues, and there may be more than one answer if there are multiple causes. If a neurologist suggested Lyme or mold toxicity, they would not be the doctor to treat this because they focus on nerve issues, but that is a clue as to what they think and it could be right or wrong. Start with a new doctor and just talk about your symptoms. When you say no one will help you, you've raised some red flags in their minds and you might be giving the impression that you have anxiety and are diagnosing yourself from information on the internet and they don't want to be backed into a corner in a disagreement.

The problem with possible Lyme or mold toxicity is that it is poorly understood by mainstream medicine. A lot of tests for this are unreliable, and because they don't render a measurable fact, it's hard to diagnose a patient when you can't prove the disease exists. These inaccurate tests can give a false negative, and the patient doesn't get antibiotic treatment and lives with Lyme in their body for years. It's harder to treat if it isn't caught right away. There are other physicians in functional medicine and in the ILADS group speciallty who do understand what is currently known about Lyme or mold. Are you aware of mold exposure in your home and have you spent time outdoors in the woods or walked through tall grass or brush? You can have a tick bite without knowing it and it doesn't always produce the bull's eye rash for Lyme Disease. The nymph ticks are the size of a poppy seed and may not be recognized as ticks, but they also carry disease, and they don't need to attach for a period of time to transmit disease because they inject an anesthetic in their saliva so the victim doesn't feel the bite, like a mosquito does. Lyme disease is just one bacteria, but along with it come co-infections of other bacteria that cause overlapping symptoms and these bugs can hide under biofilms inside the body. Keep a journal of your symptoms of what, when and how the symptoms happen and if it seems to be related to something else.

This is a lot of information to absorb and please use it as a guide and don't let this stress you out. It is the job of the medical provider to figure out what is wrong and this could lead you to the doctor who will understand the problem. There could be other physical reasons for nerve problems and a physical therapist may be able to figure out if you have body alignment issues that could cause nerve entrapment. Disease and infection can also be causes as well.

For mold related issues, you can find information at the Environmental Health Center in Dallas. https://www.ehcd.com/

Here is a lot of Lyme information.
Here are some links that describe the challenges with testing for Lyme disease which isn't just one specific organism causing an infection, but many. The accuracy of a blood test is also affected by how long it has been since exposure to infection, and if the body has mounted an immune response against it, and how that would change over time. The Igenex test covers more bands in comparison which you can read about from the link below. The best answer to your question would be from an ILADS doctor who could explain the limitations of testing. For some of the co-infections that accompany the Lyme bacteria, there are no diagnostic tests and the doctor evaluates the patient physically in addition to testing they do. They might test to see how many specific white blood cells are responding to an infection because Lyme can destroy the white cells that are trying to protect the body by fighting it, and the test would show a reduction in the white cells.
The Western Blot test is not very accurate and does miss diagnosing Lyme Disease. That is a costly mistake to make if Lyme Disease goes un-diagnosed for years. The doctors who are the experts at treating Lyme are in the ILADS group. The Igenex lab has more accurate tests. https://igenex.com/ Lyme destroys white blood cells that are your immune system.

Lab in Germany https://www.arminlabs.com/en

Here is a link to ILADS (International Lyme Disease Association). https://www.ilads.org/patient-care/ilads-treatment-guidelines/

Here is the Lyme treatment guideline
There is an educational documentary call "Under Our Skin" which profiles several patients and their treatment and controversy about Lyme. https://underourskin.com/

Here is a link that discusses ILADS antibiotic recommendations and for recommended number of days, scroll until you find it.
Exercise helps because it raises the effective oxygen perfusion rates in your tissues, and oxygen can be toxic to bacterial infections. Getting your Vitamin D levels optimized helps because that increases your immune system response.