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Hello, I decided to also follow this discussion group because of GERD, Hiatus Hernia and a need to belch, also bloating and what I have read could be a Vagus nerve irritation that could be triggering these god awful episodes of flips, flops PVCs PACs whatever…..I have been taking Mylanta at night and it seems to help ……but, frankly, what I’ve read and gone through with these things is something that I can’t get my Cardiologist to put any credence to a connection between the Ectopics and digestion…..

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@robbie1956 -There is a connection between ectopic beat, such as PAC and PVC, and digestion, especially indigestion and GERD.
The skipped beats in themselves are not dangerous. However, you can ask your doctor for a HolterMonitor. It will record your heart beats for 24 hours.

Are you lying down after eating…? I have gastro parenesis where my stomach empties very slow.. and I have to sit up to avoid all sorts of problems … including what you describe… eating slowly, small amounts, chewing very well… helps avoid disaster.. Good luck..

Hi Robbie,
Thank God there is someone else out there who suffers the same condition.
I can’t get my Cardio to link the two.
I have a sliding hiatus hernia and experience ectopics on a ridiculous scale.
All my cardio tests have come back with benign ectopics but I just wish they would go away.
The only thing that offers me relief is Mylanta or other antacids, and for some curious reason belching helps also.
I hope you are well.

i would get a second opinion with someone who is known to be thorough. this brings back memories of my mother in aroundthe mid 1930 s , they thought it was her stomach when she was under stress but found out it was her heart