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Thanks for your response. It helps to hear from others of what their experience was like. Im 9 weeks post surgery. I was told for perhaps 6 months your heart is angry and starts to settle down. What were you experiencing symptom wise that medication changes were made? Are you talking less medications 6 months after surgery or more? Higher dosages or lower dosages of meds 6 months out? Hope you continue to improve and swimming helps get you stronger and stronger. Did you go to Cardiac Rehab therapy before you stage using your arms to swim? Best of luck to you!!

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My medications changed dramatically after my surgery since the meds before were trying to different things. Unfortunately due to Covid and I live in Southern Indiana in a small town, I was not able to do my follow up at Cleveland Clinic in a timely way. My local doctor had me way over medicated and did not listen to me properly. At that time I was light headed, had head aches, dizzy, and and no energy. I finally changed to a doctor in Indianapolis which is only 2 hours away and she is a specialist in my area of heart issues. She got me set on a better medication path in July and I am much better. The symptoms went away after the medication changes. I was also not able to do to cardiac rehab due to both Covid and medicare would not cover it. My physical therapist gave me the go ahead to swim but that was not until 4 months post op. But I can tell you this, 7 months out from surgery I feel great and you will too. It just takes time and perseverance. I see my doctor in Indianapolis in 2 weeks so will see what she says. I am so grateful for the wonderful care at both Mayo and Cleveland Clinic. FYI I went to Cleveland because we had family and friends there who could help out before and after surgery. They are both amazing places for heart issues.