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Post septum myectomy

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When you say you were pretty compromised for awhile can you share what you were experiencing? I'm 9 weeks post surgery and it seems the healing is very slow. Week by week I see progress but day to day seems slow. I really thought I would not be feeling pain this far out but doing more each day seems the pain just lingers on though I only take Tylenol once in awhile. I try to go without any.

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For a few months post surgery I was just very tired and took naps every day. The pain subsided within 2 months and Tylenol was a big help. When I took walks I had to take lots of breaks and would get very winded. I would tell people I felt like I was walking through molasses. This summer I started swimming in our lake which was very beneficial. I did wear a swim belt while I swam. My physical therapist recommended the back stroke which helps to strengthen and stretch the chest area. Recovering from the trauma of the surgery is huge, But, my symptoms were very different than before the surgery when I had lots of dizziness, head aches, loss of stamina, hard to breathe, etc. Now 6 months out I feel great which I feel you will too with time.
It is also a process to figure out the medication routine which has been altered a few times to my benefit. I also do breathing exercises regularly which really helps to control blood pressure and help the lungs to stay strong. I also got an Apple Watch to monitor my heart. My surgeon recommended it. I can take EKG's to monitor for AFib and keep track of my heart beat especially while doing exercise.
Good luck. I am happy to share more. You will be fine.

I’m sorry you have pain. I had my septal myectomy in January. Next month I will be 81. I was like you and thought I would try to tough it out and try not to take the Tylenol. When I left Mayo after surgery, the Mayo nurse told me they wanted me to take Tylenol for at least six weeks because Tylenol helps with the healing process. I found that it really helped me with stopping the pain so I could sleep. If you have doubts about taking it, you might want to call or email the nurses at Mayo. Good luck. I feel so much better now even though I was told my recovery would take a year because of my age. It is worth it.

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