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Post septum myectomy

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Hi – sorry you are still having some issues. I had my septal myectomy at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester Minnesota almost a year ago, October 1, 2019. Before the surgery I could barely walk without getting out of breath. Right after the surgery I did not have any of those symptoms anymore. The post op was really hard and the one thing I will never forget is my back pain which was the most painful thing I have ever experienced. Other than that I did not have the same symptoms as before the surgery. My breathing was pretty much back to normal shortly after surgery. It is now gone and I can excersie play tennis etc. What symptoms are you having? I'm hoping they will go away for the Mayo Clinic is great.

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For four weeks after my surgery I was relieved of the dizziness, wobbly legs, tiredness on exertion, head rushes. I was dealing with
the sternum pain and had some wound issues but none of the HOCM symptoms. Now the pain is getting better each day but some of the symptoms are coming back. I was told for about 6 months my heart will have to adjust and perhaps medications also will need adjusted. Im just trying to find out from others who have been there did symptoms come and go post surgery before they started feeling better.

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