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Post septum myectomy

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Hello. I am glad to share my experience. I had septal myectomy surgery at the end of last February at Cleveland Clinic. I am an active 70 year old woman in good health otherwise. I did not have the same symptoms post surgery as before my surgery but was pretty compromised for a while. It took me until the end of July to start to feel pretty normal. I had some issues with dealing with the medications and once we got that figured out I felt much better. I am now back to doing whatever I want and feel great. We have a small farm in southern Indiana so I appreciate my being able to do more now than before my surgery. I was very compromised before my surgery. Recovering from the surgery is the hard part. I did have some fluid build up around my heart and Afib issues but those are now resolved. Stay strong and safe from Covid, get the exercise you need, eat well, and you will do fine. Good luck.

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When you say you were pretty compromised for awhile can you share what you were experiencing? I'm 9 weeks post surgery and it seems the healing is very slow. Week by week I see progress but day to day seems slow. I really thought I would not be feeling pain this far out but doing more each day seems the pain just lingers on though I only take Tylenol once in awhile. I try to go without any.

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