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Good morning, @rafeeq765. I'd give anything to provide insight on your grandfather's challenges ahead, but my own ischemic stroke was very different from and much less severe than his. I am under treatment for Atrial Fibrillation, and when my anticoagulation failed, a small clot that formed in my heart was sent north into my brain and caused a "small stroke." Its after-effects have not been severe and are being treated with physiotherapy at home. What's clear in my case is that my medical team gathered and focused on my symptoms, and as a result, they gave me a sound package of challenges. In three annual physicals since then (plus a hypertension emergency a year ago), no further symptoms caused by the stroke have been identified. To me, "recovery" means everything starting at total stability from just after the stroke all the way up to total resumption of activity as before the stroke, and I'm about 90 percent recovered on that ruler. My doctors have not pushed me farther toward maximum recovery, partly because my condition is limited only a little and partly because I have made steady progress toward being my former self. In our partnership, I'm only 20 percent of the membership, but allowed 50 percent of the decision-making. Can you foresee that kind of partnership between your grandfather and his medical team? Does he have a clear objective in mind for his recovery?