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Strabismus and Neuroplasticity

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@avmcbellar Hi Toni, Thanks for that detailed explanation. Any rare disorder is frustrating but this affects so much of your life that it must seem doubly frustrating. Have you ever tried the eye patch as a temporary fix until you can have the surgery? While I'm sure it wouldn't be the most stylish look, if it would help with the motion sickness it might be worth a try. Just a thought.

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Hi Teresa @hopeful33250. Thanks for the suggestion. I did try both( patch and frosty tape). With the patch, after a month, my bad eye was seeing “snow”. When I took off the patch, the image on the bad eye was very dark. It was so uncomfortable that I removed the patch and started using the frosty tape on my glasses. At least the frosty tape allowed the light into the eye. Slowly the darkness went away. My motion sickness was still there but manageable. When I saw the neuro ophthalmologist he had asked me if my bad eye had adjusted. The answer was NO because I still had the double vision. I thought to myself how would the bad eye adjust to the other eye when it is always covered. So, as soon as I went home I took of the frosty tape on my glasses. I dealt with the double vision in hopes of it getting better. Little by little I developed photophobia. I couldn’t figure out where this was coming from. I tried the eye moisturizers and dimming the lights at home and digital devices. Nothing seemed to make a significant difference until I thought to update my eye glass prescription. I bought new eye glasses with the proper strength in June 2020. As a result, the photophobia decreased considerably. My eyes became even more accustomed to one another. That is when I began researching eye exercises and neuroplasticity. My neuro ophthalmologist who will also be my surgeon agreed with me that the motion sickness is largely due to the strabismus. I did not know about neuroplasticity at the time to ask him but I later thought there is no harm in trying. I certainly have the time so WHY NOT. If the eye exercises eliminate the double vision, great! If not, I have the option for strabismus surgery. Toni