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Strabismus and Neuroplasticity

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Hi Teresa @hopeful33250 I have been to 2 neuro ophthalmologists. The first I saw twice to get my diagnosis and explanation of my symptoms. He then referred me to the second neuro ophthalmologist for a possible treatment. The problem is that not many exist that can offer help to aneurism or stroke victims. For the first few visits, I felt not much was known by ophthalmology. I was told to either cover my bad eye(right) with a patch or use frosty tape to cover the right lens of my eye glasses. This would prevent a second image and eliminate the double vision. I was told to wait for the bad eye to settle. Since the ophthalmologist did not have many answers, I began to learn ways to help myself. I saw him again 1 1/2 years later in June 2020. This time he used a tool to measure how far off the right eye image was from the left eye image. We discussed the cost and procedures of the strabismus surgery and the risks. A friend who had double vision reported after seeing a vision therapist for eye exercises her double vision went away. She lives in Pennsylvania. Not many vision therapists in Tampa. I decided to do my own exercises on a daily basis. It has been now over 3 months and I have seen improvements. Only trouble is that the bad eye slowly tries to align with the other eye. Since it is not an instantaneous adjustment my motion sickness has gotten worse. I have less than 1 1/2 years before my secondary medical insurance kicks in. So until then I will continue with eye exercises as long as I see improvements. I was hoping for strabismus surgery feedback on Connect. Overall, strabismus surgery has a high percentage rate of positive outcomes. Thank you for asking. The Mayo Clinic Connect has been very helpful with my research and decision making. I am gladly open to any suggestions or advice. Thanks again, Toni 🤓

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@avmcbellar Hi Toni, Thanks for that detailed explanation. Any rare disorder is frustrating but this affects so much of your life that it must seem doubly frustrating. Have you ever tried the eye patch as a temporary fix until you can have the surgery? While I'm sure it wouldn't be the most stylish look, if it would help with the motion sickness it might be worth a try. Just a thought.