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Strabismus and Neuroplasticity

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Hi Teresa @hopeful33250 thank you for thinking of me. Sorry for the confusion. I was looking for vision therapy to help with strabismus. I have diplopia caused by eye misalignment. Each eye sees a different picture. The nerves of one eye do not function correctly with the muscles of the eye to control the movement. There is evidence of neuroplasticity helping some people with correcting the misalignment. True, vestibular therapy offers relief to sufferers of dizziness and balance issues. There are crystals inside the ears responsible for balance. Somehow for whatever reason these crystals get moved, causing the imbalance and dizziness. Vestibular exercises move the head in hopes of moving the crystals back into place to resolve the dizziness and imbalance. Thank you for the suggestion. I have tried vestibular exercises with a physical therapist. Unfortunately, the crystals in my ears were not the cause of my dizziness and balance problems. Toni

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@avmcbellar Hi Toni,
I certainly hope that you find an answer! What other treatments and/or therapies have you tried? Does any ophthalmologist offer any other suggestions to help you?