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Weaning off of immunosuppressants w/ Liver Transplant

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I just realized that you are a liver transplant patient. However, do not worry because all of us with organ transplants take immunosuppressant medications for the same reason – to protect our organs from rejection and potential organ failure.

Here is what the UNOS Transplant website has to say:
"One of the most important aspects of protecting your transplant is the medications prescribed to you. By weakening or reducing your immune system’s responses to foreign material, anti-rejection medications reduce your immune system’s ability to reject a transplanted organ. These drugs also allow you to maintain enough immunity to prevent overwhelming infection."

I am sharing the link so you can read more about immunosuppressant medications. https://transplantliving.org/after-the-transplant/preventing-rejection/post-transplant-medications/

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If you were a good match to the donor ,I was told by a very prominent Dr that your body will no longer attack the transplanted liver after 10 yrs your body will recongnize the organ as your own. Now I realize this will not work for everyone and if you do try weening down it should be under the care of your transplant team

@rosemarya That's an excellent resource. I just looked up prednisone though, and interestingly, it does not mention that it causes bone loss! I didn't know that or I would have been pro-active in getting enough calcium and vitamin D but from what I have learned that's pretty common knowledge.

@bosco17 Doctors are human and they can have varying opinions but I have never heard of any saying that a transplant patient can get off of their immunotherapy after 10 years if it's a good match. It's a big risk to take. Certainly, if it is something you plan to do you should discuss it with your transplant team so they can get lab work more frequently for a while until they know you are all set.

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