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Heat Intolerance: Symptom of Neuropathy?

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Sunny, your therapist is correct, life with neuropathy does involve LOSS. Even mourning, for things you will never be able to do again. But there is GAIN as well. As you intimate, finding Connect is one, meeting others who "get it" and have understanding and compassion for each other. Its a meaningful gain for sure. Another is questioning life, like why is this happening to me? What does it mean that this is life for me now. Where this leads is for each of us to decide, but it's there and we have to deal with these new questions. Is that a gain? Up to each of us to figure out. Closeness can be a gain. I know that I am closer to my wife since this all started and I know she feels closer to me. It's a significant gain. My point is that for all the new BAD in our lives, there is some good if you try to find it. Lots of loss described in this discussion. Can't sit in the sun, can't use blow dryer, etc. Life gets so circumscribed by neuropathy. So many new things now off the list. You know what else is a BIG gain? I don't even care about watching the news any more. I have got more important fish to fry, and a wife to care for. Yes!

I heard for years that aging in general involved loss. That people who deal with aging sometimes find that they begin to have more appreciation for the things they still have or can do, and they appreciate them more now that other abilities have gone by the wayside. No sermon here, just a thought.


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@jesfactsmon I know in my heart you are right but I can’t help but feel this is karma or kismet and I deserve it. Thank you for your wise words @sunnyflower

@jesfactsmon My good is that I have more time to spend with my older relatives, as they age, than I would have if I was still working. That does make me happy.

Hi Hank, Oh yes, absolutely gain in affliction and any unwanted difficult things in life.

As I have shared extensively here on the blog, we all walk through many fires here in this life and for me, these trials have driven me right into the hands of Almighty God.

Were I well, healthy, fit, pain and trial free, etc., I wouldn't have needed to seek His comfort, peace and understanding in this way.

Spiritually before I became so ill, I was seeking that which could permanently fill the needs of my soul and of course tried everything but the one and only thing able to do that, an intimate relationship with our living God. Now that has proven to be the gain that far outweighs anything!!

My post you are responding to where I shared we need to recognize our circumstances as a loss, is a good tool that therapists use to help clients identify/articulate why they are struggling/feeling the way they do. Once that is achieved, they /we can begin the healing process including looking at things in a different perspective including the gains our circumstances bring to our lives.

I had never heard that we should honor our pain, emotional or otherwise . So many feel guilt over it/them, and can't move on.

These perspectives are each pieces of the whole that all must be taken into account to move forward.

Hope that clarifies where I was coming from in the post you replied to.

Have a lovely day, Sunnyflower