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Heat Intolerance: Symptom of Neuropathy?

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…a couple more examples on heat. The heat of the blow dryer now is a challenge. I mostly let my hair air dry as it's just not worth the overheating. Although I can take a warm to hot shower, which is therapeutic to my body, I sweat afterwards and my body temp takes time to acclimate back to normal. I discovered I could no longer enjoy our hot tub for this reason as well. 🙁

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How our lives have changed! Who would have thought that we'd have to adapt to accommodate so many changes. And a lot of us have never liked change. You're on my nightly prayer list, Rachel, along with several other pain warriors I've come to know here on Connect.


@rwinney Hi Rachel, I don’t enjoy a bathtub nowadays either. I always air dry my hair and have found during the hot summer days putting my hair up in a pony tail helps to keep me cooler. There is nothing wrong with sweating. It is a natural way for our body to cool itself. Having a fan circulate the air while your skin is wet feels very comforting.

@rwinney I've mentioned my sun poisoning and ever since I overheat just walking outside Does anyone get sweaty when getting out of bed Don't know why this is but that's my problems now