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Heat Intolerance: Symptom of Neuropathy?

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@kyc117 Hi. Sorry to hear you are experiencing difficulties with heat as a result of your neuropathy, I too have issues with the heat. I discovered it while I was cooking. Don’t forget we don’t have our full detection mechanisms(nerve cells) so our bodies are getting mixed signals and try to compensate. I too become sweaty and nauseous. Anytime I feel that way, constant deep breaths(like lamaze) seems to help me shortly before I take a break. Your body is telling you it can’t tolerate the conditions. I get the same feeling any time my body gets heated i.e. when I do housework like vacuum, or go outside. I plan my chores daily to make sure I get enough rest in between and not to over do it. Being here in Florida, I stay outdoors briefly(10 minutes) in the summer time and when I do I stay away from the sun. The rest of the months are fine for me especially winter. Luckily my husband likes cold temperatures too so we only turn on the heat in the winter for nights below freezing which rarely happens. I have 3 house rabbits which run loose in my living room. They prefer cold temperatures as well. I will be happy to answer any more questions. Best wishes to you!

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avmcbellar, I am so sorry to hear what you are going through w/ the heat!!!!! That must be a drag and a half, especially living in Florida! But even cooking would be horrible! I hope this is a transient thing and completely goes away. One can hope and pray so that's what I'll do. Warmest regards, Sunnyflower 😊

That must be hard to deal with in Florida! I’m from northwest Indiana, so it will be cooling off very soon. Thanks so much!