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Heat Intolerance: Symptom of Neuropathy?

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Hello @kyc117, You will notice I changed your discussion title a little so that members that have noticed the same symptoms can share their experience with you. I've always been sensitive to heat and sweating even before my neuropathy but I do notice that the Winter time bothers me the most with the cold temperatures affecting my legs. While we wait for other members to share their experience with heat intolerance and neuropathy, I did find an interesting article that discusses the topic.

"For example, some sensory nerve damage can cause patients to lose their senses of pain and temperature changes. This numbness can place patients at risk of contracting sunburn without being able to feel it. Other autonomic nerve symptoms may include heat intolerance and increased sweating.May 6, 2020"
— How Neuropathy Patients Can Manage the Return of Warm Weather: https://fapnewstoday.com/2020/05/06/neuropathy-warm-weather-hot/

You posted earlier that you had an EMG test and are waiting for results. Can you provide an update when you have a diagnosis?

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John, once again, you are a rockstar! You always have great resources. Thank you for your efforts!!! BTW, how does one begin a new discussion? I looked once and didn't see one on Neuropathy Medications. I would like to start one on CBD to tell others my experience w/ it which would be quite valuable and I have a great resource. I thought I had tried once but couldn't do it the other day. Would you please give me a step-by-step when time allows? Thanks so much and many, many blessings, Sunnyflower

Thank you so much John, I will do that and thank you for the article.